For the love of God, brethren & neighbour

Please read the Frankfurt Declaration and consider signing. It is the first intentionally global Declaration on the issues at hand.

Follow the Leader

In brave & beautiful ways, Jesus both called out & stood up to the bullying idolatrous state religion of his day, driven by love for the sheep without a shepherd. That he was alone and risked only death with no chance of success mattered not at all. In earthly defeat he worked cosmic victory: paying the price of sin and disarming the Satanic power behind every false religion — bringing true freedom and immortality to light.


To fulfil our duty of love to God and fellow Christians, we believe it is right to live & gather as Jesus’ people by His Spirit, with measures proportionate to the various risks — if necessary, in faithful disobedience to the laws of men, recognising the Church has no King but Christ, and leaving the consequences to Him.

At the same time such a stand seeks to fulfil our duty of love to our neighbor: for their social dignity as human beings in the face of civil oppression and government overreach.

We recognise…

  1. Much “Public Health”1e.g. for the healthy to quarantine, social distance, wear masks, gather in bubbles or not at all, vaccine passports & discrimination etc. opposes:
    • the wisdom of Jesus
    • loving like Jesus
    • the harm principle
    • historic church teaching
    • the supremacy of Jesus
  2. Evil impacts the globe in every aspect:
    • including state, industry & media
    • constantly, via men & Satan
    • especially when power is concentrated
    • making blind trust unwise
  1. Our duty to obey law is altered by:
    • conflict with Scripture
    • harm to our neighbor
    • the state exceeding its remit
  2. A duty to resist is created by:
    • threat to our fellow man
    • a citizen’s responsibility
  3. A need to obey God, not men:
    • for the Bride’s purity
    • for loving one another
    • for loving society

All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

Edmund Burke2Derivative, cf. Stuart Mill


There are many excellent articles & resources in the Church of God on this matter. Below is a small sampling of some of the best we’ve found: